Best Biodegradable Plastic Bag

best Biodegradable Plastic Bag

The most basic concept of biodegradable bags

Biodegradable bags are single-use bags, but they can decompose faster than conventional plastic bags.

Biodegradable bags are made up of natural waste such as bagasse, coconut fiber, or cornstarch. Under the influence of microorganisms in the environment (especially those with high microbial density), biodegradable bags will be decomposed into two essential components: CO2 and H2O, or will be transferred. It turns into a simple and soluble organic matter.

The biodegradability of biodegradable bags

The degradable process and Bio-degradable process of plastic often make people confused by the results of these two processes, which help the plastic bag or product after being divided into tiny pieces, even the naked eye be visible.


Distinguish between degradable process and Bio-degradable

Degradable process:

the process where the plastic polymer structure is broken after a period of exposure to light, moisture. The plastic after mechanical decomposition will transform into micro-pieces, or nano-plastics and completely not decomposed or converted into another substance. This process usually takes a long time, such as the decay process of a nylon bag can last from 500 to 1,000 years in a low light environment, moderate humidity. In the case of chemical decay, the resin reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere with moisture, and the catalyst of light the polyplastic molecules can also be fragmented. They can form CO2 and H­2O when enough oxygen and conditions are available.

Bio-degradable process:

A process of plastic decomposition thanks to enzymes of microorganisms secreted to help decompose polyplastic molecules into CO2 and H2 This process takes a very long time, to increase the time and efficiency of enzyme reactions, people add some bioactive additives to create natural products such as H2O, CO2, and biomass. For instance, biodegradable plastic bags that are entirely biodegradable after 3 to 6 months. The time required for decomposition ultimately depends on the material, environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and decomposition location.


It is not biodegradable bags that go out on the soil, and the bags will biodegrade but lack an appropriate environment. Biodegradable bags are usually classified separately for incubation under other conditions, such as those in a home-grown industrial setting or a conventional soil environment.

The rate of biodegradation differs according to the standard of mixing of additives and sea environments: river water, or soil.


Essential types of labels on biodegradable bags

Vincotte OK biobased: Product made from plants, does not mean this product will decompose.

Vincotte OK compost: The product decomposes safely in its industrial composting condition.

Vincotte OK biodegradable WATER: The product will decompose in water.


Top 4 Best Biodegradable Plastic Bag

Biodegradable bags have exceptional thickness – FMP brands

Products from biodegradable bags to manufacturers FMP brands are made from environmentally friendly HDPE materials. HDPE is also the raw material to produce ecologically friendly T-shirts so you can rely on the toughness and durability of this material.

Unlike the necessary biodegradable bags, this bag is designed with a separate blue color that creates a beautiful feeling and is also very friendly to the environment. You can take a few of these bags with you wherever you go: convenience stores, markets, or even hotels.

Called biodegradable bags, but in fact, with the underlying environmental conditions, this bag will not be able to decompose, you can be assured of the use time of this bag.

Manufacturers have created these biodegradable bags with a thickness of up to 12.5 microns, much thicker than traditional nylon bags.

Currently, the product is being sold in the format of 100 bags or 500 bags for each product box.

With essential use, with 100 bags you can use in about 20 to 30 days.


The best dust bag from biodegradable plastic – American Poet

Biodegradable bags are currently widely used on the market with countless different uses. Thanks to that, the dust bag product made from biodegradable plastic of American Poet manufacturer was born.

A distinctive feature of the product is that it can decompose without going through the peeking process like some other biodegradable bag products. This is both a sharp point and a weak point of this product. Weaknesses: Since the time it takes for the bag to decompose is only 6 to 12 months under underlying environmental conditions. You should consider the number of bags when you buy them. You should hire a sufficient number of bags used in about one month is the most reasonable. Strengths: The fast decomposition time of the product will save compost, and it is possible to bury this bag underground without fear of harming the environment.


The thinnest biodegradable bag – BioRift

Today, the process of waste treatment is becoming more and more complicated due to having to find a way to control the number of toxins after the waste treatment process into the environment.

Aware of this essential need, BIORIFT has launched a plastic bag made from biodegradable plastic to contribute to simplifying waste treatment.

The highlight of BIORIFT garbage bags is its ability to decompose without going through the composting process like some other types of containers.

Studies and tests have shown that it takes only 361 days for a BIORIFT bag to decompose 47.9% under underlying environmental conditions. This means it will take more than two years for a packet to biodegrade completely.

Plastic bags or some other standard plastic will take about 20,000 years to decompose, so it can be said that replacing plastic bags with biodegradable bags is one of the best solutions to protect the environment.

This product is packed in boxes of 500 bags each, which is enough for you to use for about 3 to 4 months. If you use plastic bags and you release 500 of these plastic bags into the environment, this is scary. Because plastic bags not only take a long time to decompose, but they will also harm many animals in nature. BIORIFT’s choice of using biodegradable bags will be a wise choice to protect the environment and protect all species in that environment.

BIORIFT’s biodegradable bags are beautifully designed, especially on each case that will contain messages that encourage users to protect the environment.


The best biodegradable bags do not contain polyethylene – UNNI

Biodegradable bags are being widely used with many different uses. Recognizing the benefits of biodegradable bags, the manufacturer UNNI has launched a garbage bag made from biodegradable plastic.

Unlike other types of small biodegradable bags, this type of biodegradable garbage bags is made from starch, and the formula is ultimately polyethylene free. This makes these bags more durable as well as resistant to moisture and water. Because the primary use of this bag is for garbage, UNNI has made this type of bag huge, with a capacity of up to 2.6 liters.

The product has been certified by the Institute of Biodegradable Products (BPI) to meet the ASTM D6400 standard of the USA. Besides, UNNI’s biodegradable garbage bags also meet the European EN 13432 standard.

You can use this type of bag as kitchen waste, used to store food waste, and some other organic waste.


Using biodegradable bags is the best solution to help protect the environment. However, users should pay attention to buy the right kind of product, avoid the mistake between biodegradable bags and some types of plastic bags with similar labels.

The cost of these biodegradable bags is also a bit higher than conventional plastic bags, so some manufacturers have labeled biodegradable bags on traditional plastic bags to make a profit. So, when choosing to buy biodegradable bags, you need to buy from reputable brands, which are tested for environmentally friendly standards. In case you buy a bag at a retail store, you should touch the surface of the packet directly to make sure it is biodegradable.

The use of biodegradable bags will help minimize the amount of plastic waste released into the environment, contributing to protecting the living situation of many species.

Environmental protection is a global problem, so it is a must for everyone. To be able to replace plastic bags with biodegradable bags completely, you can not do it by yourself. You need to propagate and introduce to friends and relatives to use.

Join hands for a pollution-free living environment.