Best Biodegradable Food Containers that You Will Love

bio food containers In recent years, the trend of using eco-friendly products has become more popular, and consumers have the tendency to purchase more biodegradable ones.

What does it mean by “biodegradable”? This term is used to refer items that are consist of renewable resources, or harvested directly from nature, and are able to decompose completely.

In the following sections, I am going to give you some key information about eight best biodegradable food containers, and I hope that you will find the article helpful, and the best food container of your own. Keep reading and take notes whenever necessary.

What types of food containers are there?

Biodegradable food containers can be made of several types of materials. In this section, I am going to mention three main types that are commonly used in the field. Here they are:

  • Corn starch: corn starch is regarded as an ideal material used to create food containers. A corn-starch made food container has minimal adverse effects on the environment, and sometimes it even does no harm.
  • Cardboard and paper: these are biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable. In spite of being lightweight, cardboard and paper still handle well not only food but also medicines and cosmetics. Besides, they do a great job of keeping food heat. For example, a pizza box made out of these materials will keep the pizza warm and fresh for a while.
  • Biodegradable plastic: this is a wonderful and practical alternative for traditional plastic because it is eco-friendly, able to decompose completely. It is also used to manufacture envelopes that are frequently used for bulk food containers

8 best biodegradable food containers Reviews

A biodegradable food container can be found and purchased easily both online and offline, but which one to buy can make a real situation. Here is a list of the top 8 best biodegradable food containers.

1. Stasher 100% Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bag

The very first product on my list is Stasher Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bag. Since it is made out of 100% pure, non-toxic silicone, it contains no BPA, no PVC, and no latex, and this will save your food from contaminants.

It also features an innovative air-tight pinch-lock seal which keeps the food fresh during storage and marination.

Moreover, this item is safe to use in the freezer, microwave, hot boiling water, and oven, which is up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Furthermore, when purchasing this product, you have seven colors available, which include: raspberry, aqua, clear, obsidian, citrus, ash, and lime.

2. Rezip 3-Piece Stand-Up Leakproof Reusable Storage Bag Kit

Another biodegradable food container to recommend is the Rezip 3-Piece Stand-up Leakproof Reusable Storage Bag Kit. In this kit, there are three containers of three different sizes, which are four-cup, two-cup, and one-cup. The Rezip kit is highly suggested for its expandable base, which is easy to clean and pack, its convenience, and of course, a sense of eco-friendly.

All of the three food containers are made out of PEVA, which means they are PVC, BPA, and lead-free. Besides, they are also very lightweight and convenient for packaging home and on-the-go meals, snacks, sandwiches, and soups. They can be used whenever and wherever needed including trips and parties.

Additionally, the clear design allows users to have a quick glance at the contents inside of the container, and it is usable in freezers.

3. Frego Award-Winning Plastic-Free Glass and Silicone Food Container

Frego offers one more nomination for food containers. Frego Plastic-Free Glass and Silicone Food Container meet all the requirements, such as environmentally friendly, chemical-free, and non-toxic.

This food container is made of glass, which leaves no detrimental effects on the environment. Also, it features a dual lock that keeps food stay fresh and prevents any cases of leakage as well as spills.

Frego food container is made up of two parts: a two-cup glass bowl nestled inside cushioning silicone sleeve. It is safe to use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher, which is very convenient.

When purchasing this product, you have four colors to choose, which are lime green, orange, honeysuckle, and blue.

Although the price tag coming along can be a little bit high, this product will not let you down once purchased.

4. Biodegradable 6×6 Take-Out-Food Containers with Clamshell Hinged by Avant Grub

This product is claimed to be even more environmentally friendly than a foam food container because it is 100% plant-based. It is biodegradable, compostable, lightweight, and durable.

Besides, it is sturdy and leakproof. Unlike paper food containers, this one can handle well moist food. It is also safe to use this item in the microwave, while Plastic Styrofoam containers leach out chemicals when being microwaved, and microwaving paper is a fire hazard one.

One more point to make is that once purchasing this item, the provider will offer you a lifetime money-back guarantee, should anything go wrong with the product. It is a deciding factor for many consumers when purchasing an item, no matter what that is.

5. HeloGreen Eco Friendly To-Go Containers

When it comes to biodegradable food containers, you may not want to miss the HeloGreen Eco-Friendly To-Go Food Container. This item is environmentally friendly, durable, non-toxic, and especially it is made out of corn starch, which is previously mentioned as the most appropriate material to create a food container.

This food container is convenient for reheating and preserving leftovers because it can withstand the temperature fluctuation from -4 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit during preservation in the freezer and warming in the microwave.

It also provides users with a non-stick surface, as well as prevention from leakage and stains. Notably, the provider promises to make a replacement for the product purchased if there are complaints and dissatisfaction from clients

6. Disposable Food To-Go Containers-Soup Containers by CulinWare

This item makes an ideal option for a leak-free portion of soup. It is eco-friendly, durable, and recyclable after use.

Firstly, this product is stackable and sturdy, which is excellent for travel and storing food. It is also convenient for its capability to store multiple types of food besides soup such as stew, pasta, mac and cheese, ice cream, and deli take-outs.

Notably, the provider offers a wide range of sizes, which makes it even more convenient for each portion of food, whether for adults or kids to be stored.

7. 32 oz Round Disposable Bowls with Lids by Harvest Pack Gourmet Showcase

As the 32 oz Round Disposable Bowls with Lids by Harvest Pack Gourmet Showcase is made out of the natural fiber, it is strong, durable, and entirely eco-friendly for use, and it leaves no carbon footprint on the environment.

This food container comes with a secure lid preventing spills, as well as leakage, which will be suitable for on-the-go meals, or deli take-outs. Notably, manufacturers usually sell this item by a set of 50, 500, and 1500 containers, and the more items you purchase, the less expensive they cost.

The 32 oz Round Disposable Bowls with Lids are usable in the microwave and freezer. Also, it can store cold, hot, and solid food, which makes it very convenient for users no matter what kind of food they want to preserve.

8. Disposable Paper Take Out Food Containers

This ecologically sustainable container is made out of environmentally friendly Kraft paper. Its capacity is up to 49 oz, which is big enough to house a whole meal, and many customers find it convenient to store food, especially those who are on the go.

Moreover, this 49-oz container can also store different types of food, including hot, cold, liquid, and solid food. In addition, it is easy to clean, and that makes an ideal package for busy households or deli restaurants.

Last but not least, when you purchase this item, you will be promised a money-back guarantee or a product replacement, should there be dissatisfaction.


These days, biodegradable products, including food containers, can be easily found and purchased both online and offline. While window shopping meets the demand for the convenience of those who don’t have much time, offline shopping satisfies the needs for checking directly qualities of the items purchased. However, when shopping for any items online, which include food containers, try to check carefully for the information, and then make up your mind.

It is not so expensive to purchase a food container, but you should focus on the qualities it brings. I hope you will pick the right container. Best of luck!