You can not avoid climate change, it is important that you stay engraved in stone, you can not! But, why have we reached this point ? Because the message of fear no longer works and you do not want to hear about it anymore; In this video we explain from a new perspective what climate change is , why external interests have managed to not care about its impact and how to fight against it will improve the world:

Climate change is the consequence of global warming. From the so-called Industrial Revolution, a new model of production and consumption began, where greenhouse gases (GHGs) were released into the atmosphere in amounts greater than what would be natural. These GHG emissions enhance the so-called greenhouse effect , a natural and necessary event for the Earth to be habitable . However, this increase in the presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causes the temperature of the planet to grow giving rise to what is known as global warming.

This global warming is the cause of climate change, and has multiple consequences and global impact derived mainly from changes in weather patterns , melting poles, rising sea levels, extreme weather events, desertification, fires , storms and floods, etc.

All these causes and consequences are known in greater detail thanks, among others, to the studies of the IPCC, a group of United Nations scientists chosen by 195 countries and who do not charge for it. Their meticulous work in analyzing the work of climate scientists shows a consensus of more than 97% that global warming is due to human activities.

The fear message no longer works

The tragic consequences of climate change have made their explanation based on fear, and the message of fear no longer works. In addition, the so-called negationism , a position that despite the data and scientific support denies the mere existence of climate change , puts us in a scenario where overcoming obstacles and finding possible solutions is even more difficult.

This current of thought, together with the catastrophic messages and images about our planet turned into a hell , does not cause a positive effect that predisposes to work , but on the contrary, a rejection.

Therefore, facing reality from an optimistic point of view, being aware that even though climate change can not be avoided but mitigate its effects and adapt to them, it is possible to build a hopeful future, in which the fight against climate change will also serve to solve many other problems that human beings face.

Author: Ricardo Chavez

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