In an earlier note we told you the main points to prevent the flu virus from entering our homes.
However, with climatic changes, especially in times of colder weather, other causes are related to diseases to which children and adults are the main victims:
The abrupt changes of temperature without sheltering correctly.
The cold causes that the natural barriers of defense of the nose lose their effectiveness and allow the passage of more microorganisms inside the organism and do not sufficiently heat the air that must reach the lungs.
The rain causes an increase in the circulation of respiratory viruses and pollutants in the air.
Household contamination due to lack of ventilation or staying in closed places in contact with other children facilitates the spread of viruses.
Here are 6 tips so that avoiding these consequences is a simple task:

Build correctly

While one of the main tips to avoid the effects of cold is warm, sheltering too much can be counterproductive, since an excess of fabric prevents them from regulating their body temperature with the environment and ensure adequate mechanisms of perspiration.

Ventilate spaces and avoid crowds

To prevent certain diseases, it is important that all spaces where there are children are well ventilated and, if possible, not very crowded. It is recommended to open the windows of the rooms at least 10 minutes a day.

Maintain hygiene habits

Washing your hands often, especially before eating, when you enter the house and if you have been in contact with other children, reduces the chances of an acute respiratory illness by almost 30%.

Follow a varied and healthy diet

It is very important to include in the diet fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins A and C, as well as fish and milk, It is advisable not to drink cold drinks, and offer instead hot broths and drinks or water and natural juices at room temperature.

Vaccinate from the flu

Although it affects a large number of people annually throughout the world, in general, the flu is not a serious disease , although it may turn out to be so in the elderly and children and adults included in the groups at risk of developing complications.

Hydroid skin well

Sudden changes in temperature dehydrate the skin and make it much more fragile and sensitive. The cold, wind and sun can hurt the skin of children, especially babies. The dryness of the environment can cause irritations and fissures in the skin, and therefore it is essential to keep it well hydrated with creams , especially if your child’s skin is very dry.

Author: Ricardo Chavez

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