40 tips to take care of the planet: Part 3/3

Garbage that does not receive proper handling is a source of contamination of soil, water and air. On the other hand, the management and treatment of waste requires a lot of energy. For all that, the less garbage, the better

27. Avoid products with many packages or wrappings that you will end up pulling.

28. Take a cloth bag with you so you do not use plastic bags when shopping.

29. Separate your waste at least in organic and inorganic and if possible in recyclable (paper, aluminum, glass, cardboard, tetrapack, etc).

30. Convert your organic waste into compost.

The chemical industry is the biggest source of toxic and dangerous pollution. And many of us contribute to this pollution through the products of this industry that we use for cleaning, for the garden, for personal grooming, among others. The care of the environment begins at home. Here we give you some recipes that will save you money, they are safe for you and for the planet

31. Use less chemicals and take advantage of the benefits of natural products each ingredient can be found in stores, markets, pharmacies, stores and hardware stores.

32. Clean with pure soap that biodegrades safely and is non-toxic. Make sure it is without essences, synthetic colors or other additives.

33. Instead of toxic solvents use vinegar (5% acetic acid). It is a mild disinfectant, cuts grease, cleans glass, deodorizes and removes calcium deposits, stains and wax buildup.

34. Take advantage of sodium carbonate. It cuts fat, removes stains, disinfects and softens water. It must not be used in aluminum.

35. Do not leave behind baking soda. It works as an abrasive in alternative recipes, deodorizes, removes stains, polishes and softens fabrics.

36. Forget about industrial pesticides. Natural pesticides are cheaper, safer and more specific.

Tobacco water: place a large bunch of tobacco in 4 liters of hot water. Let it stand for 24 hours. Apply it with a bottle that has atomizer. This tobacco water can be poisonous to humans, so keep it in a safe place.

Chilies: Blend 2 or 3 hot peppers, ½ onion and a clove of garlic in 4 liters of water, boil them, let them soak for two days and strain them. Spray this mixture on the affected area or to prevent the arrival of new pests. You can freeze this mixture for future use.

Garlic: Mix 4 liters of water, 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of garlic juice (do not use garlic powder as this can burn the plants), 30 grams of diatomaceous earth (infusoria soil, see below) and a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. This mixture can be frozen for future use.

And because we can take care of the environment in day to day, night to night and as far as we can not imagine, some of our tips spoiled:

37. Make love to the planet! Make your sex green Use ecolubricants. Nothing better than natural lubrication. The language will always be a good instrument for this, but if you need to use an external one, then you prefer those that are water. Today there are many brands that are dedicated to the production of water lubricants, with different flavors and aromas. We recommend that you never use petroleum lubricants, that is, oil or petroleum jelly, for example. Emporia such as Esso are destroying the planet, but do not let them do it through you and they even get under your sheets.

38. Have fun, experiment, try, but not with oil. If you like strong emotions, then you may have tried to use some polyvinyl chloride object, clothes or accessory, better known as PVC or vinyl. PVC generates some of the most toxic chemicals that exist: dioxins and furans. That is why the use of this material in children’s toys has been banned in many countries. The PVC of the clothes and sex toys should also be prohibited, because this component is made with chlorine and other substances considered probable carcinogenic, besides that it is a derivative of petroleum. Opt for accessories of natural substances such as rubber or latex.

39. Bed and sustainable “spanking” … pleasure of three. Make sure that the wood of the bed in which you sleep and enjoy the pleasure as a couple every night (like the spades used for the spanking) are of certified wood and recognized by the Forest Stewardship Council or FSC , for its acronym in English). Sure you, your partner and the forests will be very satisfied and in passing the members of the communities that benefit from sustainable forest management.

40. Speaking of wood and love of the planet … take care of our forests. Supports ecotourism in forested areas and in general sustainable forest management; Do not mistreat trees and do not cause fires.

Author: Ricardo Chavez

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