10 things you can do to stop climate change

10 things you can do to stop climate change

There are 10 concrete things that we can all do to stop the warming of the Earth, according to the organizers of the First Meeting on Energy Municipality and Global Warming in 2006. You control climate change .

1. Change the spotlights

Replacing a traditional bulb with a low-energy bulb saves more than 45 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year. True, the second is more expensive, but it is more economical throughout his life. Only one of them can reduce electricity costs, according to the European Commission.

2. Turn off the TV and PC

Just turning off the television, DVD or computer when they are not in use will prevent thousands of kilos of CO2 from escaping into the atmosphere. Do not leave electrical appliances on stand-by (waiting): a TV that stays on for three hours a day (the average that Europeans watch on TV) and on stand-by the remaining 21 hours will consume 40% of the total energy in the standby mode.

Do not leave the charger of your mobile phone plugged in all the time, even if it is not connected to the phone, because it will continue to consume electricity.

3. Drive less

Go, ride a bike, use public transport. You will save 30 grams of CO2 for every 4.5 kilometers you do not drive. For every liter of fuel that burns the engine of a car, an average of 2.5 kilos of CO2 is released, according to the European Commission.

Brussels also recommends not running with the car : you will spend less gas and emit less CO2. Going more than 120 kilometers per hour increases fuel consumption by 30%, compared to a speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

4. Check the tires

If your tire pressure drops 0.5 bar, your car will consume 2.5% more fuel and, therefore, will release 2.5% more CO2. The saving of four liters of gasoline prevents the emission of six kilos of carbon dioxide.

5. Recycle

You can save more than 730 kilos of CO2 per year by recycling half of the waste produced at home.

6. Avoid a lot of packaging

Choose products with little packaging : a 1.5-liter bottle generates less waste than three half-liter bottles. When buying, use reusable bags. Avoid wet wipes and paper towels. You can avoid the emission of 1,100 kilos of CO2 if you reduce your garbage by 10%.

7. Less hot water

It takes a lot of energy to heat water. Install a water flow regulator in the shower and you will avoid the emission of more than 100 kilos of carbon dioxide per year.

Wash with cold or warm water and you will save 150 kilos of CO2. You save hot water and spend four times less energy if you take a shower instead of a bath. Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth. Make sure your faucets do not drip: a drip can cause enough water to fill a bathtub in a month.

8. Monitor appliances

Covering the casserole while cooking is a way to save a lot of energy. Even better are pressure cookers and steamers, which save 70% of energy .

Use the washing machine and dishwasher only when they are full. If they are not, use cheap programs. No need to put a high temperature, today detergents are effective even when it is low. Remember that if the refrigerator and freezer are near the fires or the boiler, they will consume much more energy. If these are old, thaw them periodically. The new ones have automatic defrosting cycles and are almost twice as efficient. Do not put hot or warm foods in the refrigerator ; You will save energy if you let them cool first.

9. Adjust the thermostat

The oscillation of two degrees Celsius in winter and summer saves more than 600 kilos of carbon dioxide per household in a single year. Lowering the temperature one degree can reduce the heating bill by 5 to 10%. When you ventilate your house, open the windows a few minutes, do not let the heat escape long.

If you leave a small opening all day, the energy needed to keep the interior warm for six months of cold will be almost one ton of CO2 emissions. Isolate your house well. Do not abuse the air conditioners, consume a lot of energy and emit about 650 grams of CO2. And it supposes an extra cost in your electric bill.

10. Plant a tree

A single tree absorbs a ton of carbon dioxide throughout its life.

Author: Ricardo Chavez

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